Monday, September 21, 2015

ladybug love!

In case you can't tell by now, I have a thing for rag dolls/plushies/softies or whatever you want to call them. They're my favorite. But some things don't translate well into a bugs. How are you supposed to make a bug look cute?

The Bean has this bunny book with pictures of bunnies galore in it. But her favorite picture in it by far is one of a tiny ladybug on a tree trunk on the side of one of the pages. Whenever we read the book, it's the first thing she must find.

So I wanted to make a ladybug doll for her. I constructed the body out of soft fleece to make it huggable. It was my first time sewing with fleece, and I liked the cuddly results. I also liked that I could give it a quilted look (which I used on the tummy of the doll).

The arms and legs are made out of cotton fabric (that has a little design on it...hard to tell in the pictures). I used safety eyes on the face because I thought that would give the doll a more "buggy" look. This is one of the only times that my first rendition of a pattern has worked to my liking. However, I forgot to add the little tufts of hair in my original design to the finished doll. I got a little too ahead of myself in sewing it up last night. The tufts will be in the next doll, though.
The tufts of hair are inspired by the Bean, who has hairs sticking out around her face when she puts on hats

The Bean met her ladybug friend when she woke up this morning and exclaimed loudly: "Ladybug!" It was love at first sight.
Perfect for cuddling, and apparently kissing!

This little bug is cute in her own buggy way.

I'm sure at some point one of these dolls (and pattern hopefully) will make it to the etsy shop. But for now, this little doll is one of a kind.

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