Tuesday, February 2, 2016

And here is doll quilt #2!

Here she is: the second doll quilt for my niece! I can't wait to see them both on her doll beds.

This one I did a tad different than the first. The first kind of looked like a sampler quilt and it kinda came together as I went (with not a ton of pre-designing), and this one looks more like a quilt you might see on a bed.
both quilts...taped to the wall. 

I had fun designing it. It required some math skills, though. And I didn't quite get the math right on the all the blocks the first time, so I had to do some of them multiple times. That part was a little frustrating, but at least I learned some quilt math skills along the way.
the original drawing/design of the quilt
It's gratifying to see something you have designed come to fruition. Even if it is just a mini quilt. You can see I designed it the old-fashioned way with graph paper and colored pencils.
I like the big center block with the little pinwheel in the center, set on the diagonal. That center pinwheel was one of the areas that gave me some trouble.

I highlighted the yellow fabric, since that is the color my niece requested.
A shot from the back
So....it's only almost a month after her birthday that they're both finished....And I'm sorry to say, that's not the latest I've been with a birthday gift....

But it's like the birthday joy continues, right? To get a present a month later? Sure!

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