Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Matching Baby Dolls for Twin Momma's-to-be

I am the proud new mama of......

a new sewing machine!! Yay! I graduated from my beginning Brother machine, which was great for my initial sewing purposes, but I have outgrown it. I have graduated to a Pfaff that has a built-in walking foot. So that's exciting. It also has an automatic presser foot lift option (with the needle in the down position) which comes in super handy when going slow around curves (like in the hair of the dolls below), or in quilting. That so far is one of my favorite things about it.

There is a learning curve when using a new machine, and I am definitely still trying to figure out mine. I christened it by making (what else) a couple of stuffed toys on it.

These are some little, stuffed baby boy dolls in diapers that were commissioned by my aunt. She has a friend who is pregnant with her first baby (a little boy). Her friend has an identical twin sister, and my aunt thought it would be fun to give her sister a matching doll for when she has her first baby too. Now that's some good thinkin'! And in case her first baby is a girl, these little dolls could be unisex if need be.

sitting with Big Bunny--don't mind the bits of fabric stuck in Big Bunny's fur
Their faces have been hand-embroidered, and their hair is made out of one of my favorite materials (in case you haven't noticed by now), wool-blend felt. I like using the wool-blend because it feels, looks, and holds up much nicer than craft (acrylic) felts. Look at all those colors. And I may just have a drawer full of more felt.....I just may...
look at all that felt!
The second toy is a custom cardinal (female, which is why she is brownish-tan) doll that is a teacher! Check out those little books. See where having felt around comes in handy? I made the inside of the books out of teeny cardstock boxes (I had to make my own patterns for that), and then embroidered the felt book covers and glued them on. I love little stuff. It makes me happy. I'm a weirdo. Anyway, this teacher bird is kinda cute, and she's little, so she makes me happy.

She is one of many dolls that I have made for a wonderful woman who wants to spread a message of love and acceptance. She uses these little cardinal dolls to tell a story. I will share more on that in an upcoming post!

Until later, folks!

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