Friday, October 2, 2015

Evolution of the Elephant

I mentioned a post or so back that I'd been working on an elephant toy, and that it was giving me some trouble. I also mentioned a few posts further back that I was pleased that the ladybug pattern I made worked out to my liking on the first try. That is very rare indeed. To illustrate how rare, I give you my latest art collage. I call it: "Evolution of the Elephant."


There is a missing link, however, that is not seen in this picture. It is known lovingly as the "E.T. Elephant." With extremely wide-set eyes on an alien-esque head, it has been claimed by the soon-to-be 12 year old of the house, and has disappeared to the recesses of her primary nocturnal habitat. Meaning: I'm pretty sure it's on her bed, and since 2-year old sister is currently, and thankfully, napping in the same room, I do not DARE go in there to retrieve it. SO. NOT. WORTH. IT. So I'm sorry you miss out on that little gem of a doll. 

The final elephant featured up in the front there is the seventh edition of the pattern, and I am satisfied with the head shape, eye placement, and trunk. So now the giraffe (my first animal doll pattern) has a friend in the African Animal Dept. With all the woodland animals I've been focusing on, the giraffe desperately wanted a friend. 

You can find this happy little elephant in the shop now (here), but alas, none of the "Awkward Squad" --as seen in the background of the above artistic photo--will be joining him. Good thing my children love the members of the Awkward Squad: the dolls will receive plenty of love and affection. My living room is filled with the members of the Awkward Squad. And I'm referring to animals and humans combined......

Happy Friday; may you all have a wonderful weekend!

Update: here is ET Elephant in all her glory!

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