Thursday, June 11, 2015

Skirt and toy making

I have been busy this week trying to stock the etsy shop, so I haven't had lots of time to post. Although I have made some delicious ice-cream that will be an upcoming post. Yum.

But I thought I'd share what I've been up to. I have made some cute skirts for my girls to wear. I followed this awesome blog here from Larissa Holland on making this cute three-tiered ruffle skirt. I modified it of course for the little one.
These should come in handy on July 4th
They were easy and fun to make, and didn't take too much time (score). I bought a ruffler foot (which I had not heard of before) to be able to do this project.

I bought this one here. Even though my machine is not a singer, this foot still worked on my machine. It was the cheapest option too. Thanks to good ol' amazon for our prime shipping, I was ruffling the layers in no time.

And thanks to Larissa from mmmcrafts for telling me to rip my fabric on the grain instead of cutting. It really did save a lot of time and made this skirt fairly quick to make.

I've had fun ruffling things. I added a rag doll to my toy making with a cute little ruffled skirt.

The toys in my etsy shop I've been working on
So I've been sewing skirts and toys this week. Fun stuff!

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