Tuesday, April 21, 2015

ta-da! doll pattern doll

After yesterday's post about how to make your own pattern, I got really curious as to what the finished doll from the pattern we made would look like (if it would be as hideous as the first doll I showed you yesterday). Here's the verdict:
Well hello there big-headed, small footed cutie!
I added some felt hair in addition to the pattern yesterday, and changed the face just a little (the nose and mouth). For a doll from a first pattern, she's not too bad!

So when making your own pattern, now would be the time to make adjustments if you wanted to change some things. Like maybe you want a smaller head, or wider neck, or bigger feet, or maybe move the face down on the head, and/or make the face bigger. But no matter what, when you make something from your own pattern, it's definitely going to be one-of-a-kind. And I kinda like this big-headed, pixie-legged, chubby cheeked girl. I think I'll call her Lola.


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